Monday, June 13, 2011

my tombstone

Not to sound morbid or anything but I've been thinking alot lately about how I'm living my life because I've seen so much death. In my role as a nurse I see a lot of death.. and lately it seems that I've faced a lot of deaths in my personal life as well. I truly do not think death is to be feared based on my life experience and spiritual experiences so far, so death is not frightening to me so much as it is curious. None of us knows when it will come to us... and after recently losing a couple friends I started thinking more about what I want my life to be with the time that I'm allotted.. however long that might be.

I want to live my life so that my tombstone reads something like this... "here lies Angel, she wasn't perfect. She was just human but she loved with her whole heart. She lived each day to the fullest and learned from her mistakes. She did her best to learn from everyone she came in contact with. She tried to make her family proud. She made someone else's journey special. She encouraged others. She uplifted others. She cared. She tried her best. She laughed a lot. She totally loved the Big Dude Upstairs. She made others laugh. She understood that the only thing she could take from this Earth was the love in her heart and she tried to leave this Earth a better place than when she got here. She got back up every time she fell down. She gave out lots of free hugs. The End.

I am going to try today to live up to my tombstone. If.. no, WHEN I fall, I will get back up. I will wipe away the tears and put a bandaid on my boo-boos and keep going. I will do my best to encourage and support others. I will give out free hugs and be true to myself. I will try to help another person. I will just try my best.