Saturday, June 22, 2013

another week, a little bit bigger belly!

well I had THOUGHT that the nausea and exhaustion was easing up but it seems I was wrong LOL this week my nausea got much worse actually and I think I've now thrown up in all 4 corners of Redlands and Yucaipa. Zofran, peppermint candies, Sprite, meditation, and distraction are saving me but even with everything I'm doing to stave off the nausea I still throw up at least a couple times a day. I think there's a whole team of friends out there who are currently voting "girl" because of how sick I've been haha "Morning sickness" seems to run in my family and both my mom and gramma had reallllllly bad morning sickness for a large part of their first pregnancies so maybe it's a genetic thing? Whatever the reason it's just something I'm learning to live with. I'm AMAZED that I've been able to keep working full time but somehow you just do it.. just like Nike says. LOL I've started looking at the nausea as something I need to work around so I have gotten good at throwing up and taking 5 minute mini-naps between seeing patients (I'm a home health RN) and keeping peppermint or cinnamon candies in my mouth while I'm in a patient's home. LOL 

Despite feeling nauseated most of the time I have also felt starving hungry too! hahaha I've been having intense cravings for everything from sushi to chinese food to fruit salad to swai fish. My husband has been awesome about me eating whatever sounds like it will stay down at any given moment LOL

This week I SWEAR I felt baby move. I had thought it was impossible to feel movement this early but I'm assured that some women DO feel very light movement as early as 10-11 weeks. Night before last I laid in bed on my back and felt the weirdest sensation right where my uterus is. It didn't feel like gas, actually it didn't feel like anything I've ever felt before. It was a light fluttery bubbly feeling and only for a second at a time. It was amazing. 

How far along? 10 weeks 5 days

Baby is the size of a: a lime (2 inches from crown to rump). Baby is in a growth spurt this week and next!

Total weight gain: 4 lbs (haven't gained anymore this week)

Best moment of the week: laying on my back in bed and realizing my belly is sticking out :)  also had a good friend give me a bunch of maternity clothes this week and I'm in heaven because they are so comfortable!!! 

Sleep? depends on the nausea LOL a lot of my morning sickness actually hits the worst at night.. but some nights I think I just get so tired I pass out anyway ;)

Movement?  I swear I felt a teeny something this week. It's rare to feel anything this early but I'm convinced it was baby.

Cravings? OMG yes. Swai fish, salmon, sushi, fruit salad (I made a HUGE fruit salad one night because I was craving it! LOL), string cheese, pizza, chow mein, and orange juice.

Anything make you queasy or sick? there's no rhyme or reason to it. I feel sick every day but at random times, when I smell something, when I smell nothing... LOL

Gender: I think more people are guessing girl at this point because of how much nausea I'm having but we do not know still...

Aches & Pains: been feeling lots of "stretching" going on this week, even to the point of lower back pain and hip pain

Happy or Moody most of the time? depends on the moment. I had no idea hormones could make a person legally insane LOL one minute I can be laughing, then I'm crying, then I'm mad at the dogs, then I'm laughing, then I'm floating on a cloud because we have a baby growing, then I'm laughing at how I just threw up again. Then I grab my doppler and listen to the baby's heartbeat and I'm euphoric :)

Looking forward to: my next OB appointment in 2 weeks.. and the 2nd trimester starting in just over a week :) 

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