Friday, June 28, 2013

those blue bags are the best! (and other adventures)

So here I am in my 12th week of pregnancy with this little one and the adventures continue..

The cravings continue.. this week donuts got me, I actually ended up running to the donut shop down the street for a craving of a donut and followed it up with a pickle. LOL ahhhh hormones! I even kept it down!!! LOL

The "multiple times a day nausea and vomiting" saga continues.. this week's adventure included another trip to urgent care for a fever and dehydration. Once I stopped vomiting they checked my blood pressure and it was 97/50 and then 83/47. I got a couple liters of various IV fluids and electrolytes and before I left my BP came back up a little to around 100/50. I was so lightheaded that I had my mom drive me to urgent care because I was afraid of passing out (Eric was at work and thankfully mom lives at the other end of our block). Also got some IV zofran which took the edge off and after a consult with my OB Reglan was added to my repertoire. 

Oh and those blue bags I mentioned in the title of today's blog.. I'm talking about barf bags. SO much nicer than trash cans and toilets for us frequent ralphers.

In between all the barfing it's important to keep a sense of humor ;) this is from a pregnancy app I have called wee mail. I get "messages from my growing baby" everyday LOL they never fail to crack me up!

Equally as important is to keep my eye on the prize.. this is a plastic model of a baby in the 12th week of gestation. I'm convinced our baby is WAY cuter than this plastic one but at least it shows how big our Punkin is right now :)

How far along? 
11 weeks 3 days... only 4 days until the 2nd trimester!!!

How big is Baby? 
about the size of a plum, 2.5 inches crown to rump length

Weight Gain? 
I haven't gained anymore, probably related to the barfiness LOL

We will find out gender in about 3 weeks!

Maternity Clothes? 
yep been wearing the maternity pants and shorts a friend gave me, I can't close my old pre-pregnancy ones anymore. Still wearing regular tops though

Stretch Marks? 
LOL already had em

with the help of Zofran (OB approved prescription anti-nausea med) I've slept decently the last couple nights! YAY!

nausea, vomiting, nausea, and vomiting. LOL also been very lightheaded, exhausted beyond any exhaustion I've ever felt in my life (probably made worse by getting so dehydrated this week), tons of food cravings, and very emotional. Actually if you can name a pregnancy symptom, odds are I've got it right now. I'll leave out all the gory details LOL

I felt a teeny flutter again this week but other than that nothing. I can tell baby is moving around like crazy in there because each time I've listened to baby's heartbeat with my doppler you can hear it nice and loud then it sounds like it's getting further away and if I move the wand to the other side of my belly I'll hear it loud again. Then it'll fade and 5 seconds later get loud again. I can just picture baby doing backflips and spins LOL

Food Cravings? 
let's see.. this week it was oranges, donuts, fish and chips, chicken (which I took one bite of and suddenly thought it was the grossest thing I've ever seen in my life so I threw it up LOL), chocolate ice cream, peanut butter and bananas, PICKLES!! and sushi (again)

Labor Signs? 
not even close yet

Belly Button in or out? 
still innie. Don't think that'll change for a LONG time to come

What I miss?
not feeling horribly nauseated and throwing up multiple times a day.. however I would do this over and over if I had to because this baby is already my world! just gotta get through it and keep my eye on the prize!

What I am looking forward to?
next OB appointment on July 5th and then finding out gender the weekend of July 20 :)
Best moment of the week? 
the urgent care doctor telling me that he wanted to write me off work for 2 days because he wanted me to rest. I was so grateful for a break to just rest that I started crying LOL I can't explain how exhausted I've felt these last few weeks.. although mommies will understand.


  1. You're doing wonderful darling! Stay rested and hydrated today, I love you baby mama!

  2. OMG soooooo tired that lil brat is draining all of life out of you already (it doesn't stop here ) lol just kidding I loved being pregnant it was the most favorite times in my life there is nothing like it once the vomiting stops and he starts rolling around ( Im betting its a boy mine only one made me sick too) and little alien hands poking out of your belly 4 inches! and you can tell were the little butt is and hold it in your hand ! you are going to fall in love every day with the little buggar and a little free advice sleep sleep sleep as much as u possibly can right now cause in 5 short months YOUR NEVER GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! bwahahahahaha! love ya!!!!

  3. I love you too baby daddy!!! hahaha

  4. Christine that's awesome haha I can't wait to feel a baby butt poking through my belly LOL :)