Monday, September 30, 2013

25 weeks! entering the 3rd trimester in a minute!

oops, I see I missed a couple weeks of posting.. originally I had decided I wanted to post an update and a belly shot every week throughout my pregnancy. It's my way of journaling the experience and something I can show our little guy someday. The last couple weeks have been busy and extra sick. Oh well LOL

So now we are at 25 weeks 1 day and almost into the 3rd trimester. Well actually today I got one of those email updates from an online Pregnancy site (american pregnancy) and it says today I am IN the 3rd trimester. The rest of the sites say next week. I guess there's a lot of variation so I think I'm just gonna go with next week and stay in the mindset that this is my last week of the 2nd trimester LOL I'm really happy about it because I've been worried about baby boy since I've been sick so much with HG and I figured once we made it safely to the 3rd trimester with him healthy then we'd be set. I'm told even if he came this early he'd have a good survival rate.. granted, I have no signs of him coming early and I'd like him to stay put til it's time to come out, but it eases my mind a bit with each passing week.

This last week I think I hit my limit as far as feeling like I just couldn't go another day as sick as I've been feeling. I've had more "bad" days lately, where even breathing makes me horribly nauseated and nothing seemed to ease it. The oral medications weren't helping, laying down didn't help, vomiting didn't help.. I had many days where I didn't keep anything to speak of down at all and Eric wanted me to call my OB by Thursday so I did. They had me come in first thing Friday morning and after about 20 minutes in his office he sent us directly over to San Gorgonio Community Hospital Labor and Delivery. We were there the whole day and a team of nurses placed a PICC line in my arm for IV fluids and IV nausea meds. Home health nurses are supposed to be delivering supplies and meds and getting me set up, hopefully today or tomorrow. Eric has already learned how to flush the PICC line for me and has been helping me wrap my arm in saran wrap when I need to take a shower (to keep the site dry). I'm extremely hopeful that once they get the supplies to our home and I can give myself IV fluids on a regular basis that hopefully I will feel much better and be able to get better nutrition and stay hydrated.

We also had an ultrasound this last week and baby looks fantastic. He is measuring right on schedule, moving like crazy, he was sucking on his fingers and kicking. So far so good :) Here's baby's face: 

My favorite Facebook post this week: 
I am sitting here totally nauseated and STARVING hungry at the same time. I am craving Red Lobster to the point of obsession. They should use HG as a torture device. I swear right now I'd give up state secrets if it meant I could eat LOL

 How far along? 
25 weeks 1 day! Phasing into the 3rd trimester soon!!!

How big is Baby? 
we didn't get a weight estimate at the ultrasound but the "what to expect when you're expecting" app says that he's about 2 pounds and about 12 inches long

Weight Gain? 
ugh. I lost 3 lbs this week.

Maternity Clothes? 
yep. that's all I'm wearing anymore. Definitely need a couple more maternity tops though because the ones I have won't fit over the 'girls' anymore LOL

yes please. I have been totally wiped out this week.

still the Barf Queen. Also been having some back aches and swollen ankles this week.

lots and lots. Baby is officially big enough that he can kick me hard enough to make me cringe. LOL

Food Cravings? 
ranch dressing, Red Lobster, glazed donut holes, watermelon, onion rings... not the healthiest cravings..

What I miss?
not feeling 'sick'

What I am looking forward to?
getting my IV fluids at home LOL
Best moment of the week? 
getting to see our son on the ultrasound.. he looked to be perfectly content in there!

"For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him."
1 Samuel 1:27

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  1. Hi I found your blog on pinterest. I am 20 weeks and still throwing up daily as well, even went to the hospital last week for fluids. So I feel your pain.