Sunday, July 7, 2013

welcome to the 2nd trimester!!!

THANK GOD! We made it to the 2nd trimester. To be honest I'm kinda freaked out by that thought.. we are 1/3 of the way through and at some point some nurse is going to hand US a baby and let us go home with it!! LOL This week I've been giving lots of thought to baby proofing the house, and how best to make sure the dogs will be ok with a baby in the house, and I need to start eating lots and lots of fruits and veggies so that our kiddo will eat them too after it's born LOL I've been looking at strollers and car seats and cribs and options for breastfeeding and bottles and clothes and wipies and binkies and recalls.. it's overwhelming LOL I really think you need a PhD to figure out the new and improved world of cloth diapers! Did you know there are hemp diaper inserts that go inside cloth reusable diapers?! They are supposed to be good for the environment (and way cheaper than disposables)!! LOL who knew?! it's a whole new world...

This week included some new improved symptoms.. less fatigue and a decrease in nausea/vomiting!!! Halle-freaking-lujah!! I also went to my 2nd appointment with my OB doc and was told that all of my bloodwork from my first appointment 3 weeks ago looks perfect (with the exception of the dehydration I was experiencing from all the vomiting LOL).

The doctor said that my last ultrasound (3+ weeks ago) with him showed a healthy baby growing right on schedule. I also went to the local ultrasound school this week and got a free ultrasound from an instructor who used the time as an opportunity to teach her students. I got to see fingers and toes, a heart-shaped amniotic sac (which totally cracked me up) and the heartbeat was still in the 158-162 range. The instructor and her students were laughing because baby was VERY active throughout the ultrasound and it was difficult to get any measurements because baby wouldn't hold still LOL we had a hard time getting a picture of baby that was print-worthy because of all the moving around but here's probably the best one..

I am actually a little nervous about when I can really start feeling baby move because both times I got to see the baby on ultrasound it was kicking the crap out of my uterus LOL I am also VERY excited for when I can feel it.. I've actually felt a number of small "fluttery" feelings this week that I'm convinced are baby but I can't be sure, especially since this is my first baby so I don't really know what to compare it to.. I just know I have never felt anything like it and the location of the flutters is coming directly from where my uterus is right now and where we keep hearing baby's heartbeat...

How far along? 
12 weeks 5 days... 2nd trimester!!! baby has fingerprints, all of it's organs are functioning, and it can suck it's thumb. Baby has vocal cords and teeth and can hiccup!

How big is Baby? 
baby is the size of a peach, 3 inches long from butt to top of head

Weight Gain? 
I had lost 5 lbs in the last couple weeks from all the vomiting.. but now that it is not constant I've put on 1 lb. I think it's because I am finally able to keep down fluids! yay!

this week I think it's a boy again LOL 2 more weeks until we can get a gender ultrasound and hopefully find out 

Maternity Clothes? 
had to go shopping this week and ended up crying in the middle of a Ross store because all the maternity clothes look ridiculous on me (like I'm wearing clothes that are too big) and looking at "normal" clothes in bigger sizes made me cry because I just spent a year losing 90 lbs LOL at this point I'm wearing some maternity clothes and some clothes that are 1-2 sizes bigger than my normal size. Thrift stores are my friend right now.

most of the time I am exhausted and in bed by 8pm and sleep til my alarm goes off for work at 5:30am.. fortunately it's been about a week since I've had any nights of being kept awake vomiting but my new foe is leg cramps and restless legs keeping me awake. Naps are my friend. Oh and I think it's time for a "pregnancy pillow".. 

less nausea/vomiting!!!! I still get very lightheaded when I stand up so I move slowly LOL I've been have crazy stretching/cramping feelings and some hip pain and this week it felt like I had fallen on my tailbone or something. Ouch. Doctor says it's prob my uterus and baby sitting on my tailbone LOL The need to pee every 15 minutes has eased up and doctor says it should stay this way until the baby is bigger WHEW! the headaches are better, the fatigue is a little bit better.. in general I'm thrilled to be moving away from all the 1st trimester insanity!! hahaha

still feeling occasional itty bitty flutters that I'm convinced are baby ;)

Food Cravings? 
pickles pickles pickles. Also pretzels with nacho cheese, cinnamon rolls, raisin toast, biscuits and gravy, goldfish crackers, fruit, mexican food, and pickles. Oh yeah and pickles.

What I miss?
clothes that fit LOL I can't wait for my belly to pop out so I at least don't just look fat haha

What I am looking forward to?
finding out if we are having a boy or girl! 2 more weeks!
Best moment of the week? 
my husband telling me I am his one true love.. and this was AFTER I was acting like a complete psycho crying at stupid stuff from all the hormones LOL I love my husband so much. He's definitely my best friend :) who else would take a picture like this with me.. willingly? Scary to think that WE will be parents.. hahahahaha


  1. When we find our soul mate, we look beyond our imperfections, admire our strengths, and find refuge in each others loving embrace! Our children are the creation of our souls deepest desire to continue our legacy's of who we are together!