Monday, August 26, 2013

20 weeks pregnant, half baked!

This week was my 2nd week off work on disability for hyperemesis and it is such a relief to be able to stay home although I'm going to have to get back to work soon. I'm still taking all the anti-emetics my OB prescribed for me and still vomiting, although not nearly as much! Still taking Protonix, Phenergan and Zofran as well as vitamin B-6. I'm happy to report I haven't needed any IV fluids/electrolytes in about a month!

Here is my 20 week belly shot, you can tell I was feeling nauseated that morning LOL

I was craving ice cream last night so in honor of us hitting the 'halfway point' of pregnancy I picked up some Ben and Jerry's Half Baked LOL unfortunately I lasted all of 2 bites and after about a half hour of trying to keep it down it came back up anyway.. LOL oh well. I'm getting to where most of the time I just laugh..

 How far along? 
20 weeks, baby can suck his thumb, hiccup, dance and kick, is growing hair, is starting to store fat, his arms and legs are in proportion to his body now so he doesn't look like a total alien, and his brain is developing at a furious pace!

How big is Baby? 
he is now 11 inches long and weighs in around 11 ounces!

They say he the length of a banana from butt to head :)

Weight Gain? 
I put on a pound this week!! I'm totally impressed with myself :)

still a BOY! now we've had 3 (count em, THREE) confirmed penis sightings.. definitely a BOY! 

Maternity Clothes? 

I've been pretty tired this week and took a few naps

still the queen of barf.. now my OB says maybe it'll go away around 20-22 weeks LOL so I'm still crossing my fingers ;)

lots and lots! Eric still hasn't been able to feel him yet but I have!

Food Cravings? 
yep. Nectarines, cheese, chicken, shrimp, cookies, ice cream.

What I miss?
not barfing all the time.. I admit, with each week that goes by I keep hoping the nausea will go away soon LOL

What I am looking forward to?
to feel like I LOOK pregnant, for Eric to feel baby moving, to meet my little man... and appointment with my regular OB tomorrow to find out results of bloodwork and see what he thinks about me going back to work vs taking another week or two off..
Best moment of the week? 
going to my appointment with the high risk OB doctor and getting yet another ultrasound and being told that baby looks PERFECT and that I've got plenty of amniotic fluid in there (I've been worried about getting dehydrated with all the vomiting) and that baby is in the 70-80th percentile in growth. Oh and they did an echo on his heart and said it looked perfect. WHEW. They also said to just keep doing what I'm doing.. 

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