Sunday, August 18, 2013


We made it to 19 weeks! 

Somehow I missed posting last week, there's been a lot going on.. first the exciting stuff! Here are some pics of our Punkin boy from the anatomy scan ultrasound we had on Thursday...

 Here is his profile pic: he looks JUST like his dad huh? ;)

This is a pic of his spine.. so cool!

This week also marked the week that I ended up at my OB office as a follow up to missing yet 3 more work days in 2 weeks and another urgent care visit. I felt like I was falling apart because I have still been too sick to maintain a full time work schedule. The nausea is exhausting. My OB put me on maternity leave for 2 weeks to start and then we will re-evaluate. That started on Wednesday and it's been a HUGE relief to be able to be at home and when I need to throw up I can do it in the comfort of my own home LOL also because I haven't been having to be out driving and functioning I've been able to take the full dose of the nausea meds he prescribed (they make me drowsy). I've still been vomiting everyday this week but at least I got to be home doing it most of the time. I'm officially on the record as "high risk" and "hyperemesis gravidarum". LOL 

Tomorrow I have an appointment with another OB doctor who specializes in high risk pregnancy. Mostly I'm considered "high risk" just because of my age (39 years old) and I think maybe because of all the vomiting?

Anyway back to funner topics!!!!! Baby is kicking up a storm, mom is still having crazy cravings despite the nausea, and mom and dad are still throwing around name ideas. Oh and today I'm officially 19 weeks pregnant and have hit the "halfway point"! Our ultrasound this week showed us a baby who is VERY active, has a strong healthy heartbeat, appears to be growing just as he should be (he actually measured a couple days ahead again!), and still has a penis so we are as sure as we can be at this point that he IS in fact a boy!

 How far along? 
19 weeks

How big is Baby? 
he is now 10 inches in length and weighs in around 8-10 ounces!

Weight Gain? 
shout out to the makers of Phenergan and Zofran.. with your assistance I've managed to not lose anymore weight this week :) I think I might have even added a pound this week!

still a BOY! we have seen a penis on the ultrasound on two separate occasions now so we are as certain as we can be LOL

Maternity Clothes? 
yep. nothing else fits.. like at all. Oh and ANYTHING that cuts into my belly at all drives me nuts and feels very uncomfortable!

I'm EXHAUSTED and want a nap every day LOL 

still the queen of barf.. but am grateful to be on disability for at least this week.. next step (if I can't get the nausea under control) is apparently a PICC line and IV meds/fluids. Neither me nor my OB doctor is wanting to do that at this point so we are all crossing our fingers I can keep up what I'm doing now and avoid it.

oh yes!!! eating sugary foods causes him to start break dancing in there. LOL he wouldn't sit still for even 5 seconds during the ultrasound this week.. we practically needed a high end camera to get a decent picture LOL

Food Cravings? 
believe it or not, as long as the nausea stays at like a 5/10 on the evil 'how bad is the nausea' scale then I STILL am starving, even when somewhat nauseated haha this week cravings included cookies, frozen yogurt, strawberries, SALT (was prob bordering on dehydrated again haha), and hamburgers.

What I miss?
ok I'll admit it.. I'm human. I miss not feeling sick every single day. Is it worth it? DUH. Yep. 

What I am looking forward to?
for Eric to be able to feel baby move through my belly.. should be anytime now, I'm guessing in the next week or two??? fingers crossed... I feel bad because I get to feel him all the time and Eric hasn't got to yet.
Best moment of the week? 
there were many... seeing baby kicking the crap outta the side of my uterus on the ultrasound, finding a cute dresser for the baby's room for only $10 at a yard sale, getting a HUGE box of baby boy clothes and an infant car seat from my beautiful friend Vanessa, getting a bunch of my 18 month old nephew's baby clothes, getting to see my family last weekend, the IMMENSE relief of finding out that I could stay home for a couple weeks on disability, the feeling of my belly stretching as baby grows, the artichoke heart chicken Eric made for dinner last night and it stayed down!!!!, getting some baby blankets from Aunt Karren yesterday, frozen yogurt run on Friday night (unfortunately that did NOT stay down).

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