Sunday, August 4, 2013

17 WEEKS!!

Here we are, 17 weeks! :)

well this is the week that I woke up one morning and was laying flat on my back and looked down and noticed a good size bump sticking straight up! LOL it's one thing in early pregnancy to have a bump when you are standing up (gravity helps LOL) but when you are laying flat on your back is another story hahaha (yes this is how I rate my baby bump.. I'm kinda weird) anyway I definitely have one that doesn't go anywhere no matter what position I'm in.

Our little punkin is growing like crazy right now and I've got the appetite of a teenage football player to prove it. Even on my really nauseated days I am STARVING hungry all the time. I dream about food. It's kinda scary actually LOL I have a tiny stomach that's about the size of a highlighter so I can't fit much in at any one time so I eat all the time it seems and cross my fingers that most of it will stay down LOL

 How far along? 
17 weeks

How big is Baby? 
he has DOUBLED his weight in the last 2 weeks! (no wonder I'm starving) He's supposedly about 5 1/2 to 6 inches long -depending what website you read- and 5 ounces. He's about the size of a sweet potato!! 

His eyes are sensitive to light, he can hear, he is practicing breathing, and his immune system is developing rapidly :) 

Weight Gain? 
thanks to lots of help from my OB with nausea meds I have FINALLY gained some weight.. 6 pounds so far. eek.

still a BOY!

Maternity Clothes? 
yep. Can't fit into any of my old pants or shorts anymore.

I'm EXHAUSTED and want a nap every day LOL 

still the queen of barf.. but it's getting a teeny bit better each month! been having a lot more low back/ hip aches and pains this week from all the growth going on in there! yay!

definitely feeling jabs!!! discovered this week that eating anything with sugar really gets baby moving! (note to self: don't eat sugar right before bedtime)

Food Cravings? 
pickles, nacho cheese, shrimp, nectarines and plums, PIZZA!

What I miss?
nothing. This week I'm embracing the nausea (yes, I AM officially crazy.. but what are my choices? LOL) and I am loving my bump and feeling baby moving! 

What I am looking forward to?
when baby gets big enough that Eric can feel him move too! I feel a little guilty that I am the only one who gets to feel all this LOL
Best moment of the week? 
Eric and I got out of the house Friday night and got to hang out with some friends at our local Farmer's Market. Also ran into friends who have a baby boy and I got to get a baby fix ;)
Yesterday I got to go with Aunt Karren to pick out fluffy fleece-y fabric for baby blankets and we ate some shrimp mmmmm! It was a fun day!

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