Sunday, July 14, 2013


We went for our 3D ultrasound yesterday morning.. my parents were able to meet us there which was really cool! Baby was adorable and oddly he was completely upside down on his head sleeping in my uterus LOL the ultrasound tech had me try laying on my side, changing to the other side, coughing numerous times, and even had me get up and walk around a bit but baby didn't want to change position LOL all that movement DID wake him up though and he immediately started sucking his thumb :) when the tech changed to 3D/4D imaging I actually got to watch his sucking motion with his little fist at his mouth!

With a little maneuvering of the ultrasound wand the tech was able to get some VERY obvious views of our baby's backside and right away Eric and I KNEW we had a little boy!! She confirmed it for us and said "oh yeah you DEFINITELY have a boy! no need to come back to verify LOL" hahaha we got numerous views and pictures printed to confirm.

She also did measurements of crown-rump length, femur bone length, and a skull circumference and baby is not only growing right on schedule (despite how sick I've been.. thank GOD) but is measuring a couple days AHEAD of where I thought we were.. so due date is now changed to January 12, 2014 :) I am 14 weeks today and couldn't be happier to be having a son!

Out of curiousity I asked her where in my uterus the placenta was.. she said I have "placenta previa" which means that the placenta is covering my cervix (the 'exit portal' for the baby during delivery). Apparently it happens sometimes in the 2nd trimester and often corrects itself as baby grows and the uterus stretches. She printed me a good pic of the ultrasound view of baby and placenta to give to my doctor and I will see what he thinks. For right now I'm told it isn't dangerous but if it stays there through the 3rd trimester then it might mean c-section and bedrest.. but I'm very hopeful it will change position since most do ;)  No matter what I know that God is in control of this whole process so I'm not worried! It's definitely something we will be keeping an eye on though!

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