Saturday, July 20, 2013

moving right along..

Week 15 and the nausea is lifting!! woohooooo! I have actually gained back some of the weight I lost when I was vomiting so much and am starving ALL the time now LOL funny how things can change...

This last Saturday we had the 3D ultrasound done and found out he is a boy! Because of his position and all it was hard to get a good 3D pic of his face but here's a good shot of his little foot.. cutest little foot EVER.

A couple times this week I woke up and felt like my belly had grown overnight! I still feel like I just look fat.. like people are probably thinking "that girl needs to lay off the burgers and fries" hahaha but I can definitely see a bump forming :)

 How far along? 
15 weeks

How big is Baby? 
baby is the size of a navel orange this week, about 4 inches long from butt to top of head

baby can suck his thumb, can hear, can see enough to sense light, and can sense touch enough that if I push on my belly he'll move away

Weight Gain? 
gained back some of the weight I lost vomiting :)


Maternity Clothes? 
I'm now wearing pretty much nothing but maternity clothes or scrubs with a draw string, nothing else fits or is comfortable

I can't get enough sleep this week. I've been so tired I can't keep my eyes open by 7pm LOL feels like *I* am the one in a growth spurt haha

WAY less nausea and haven't vomited in 4 days! in general I just feel better this week!

oh yeah, I can definitely feel baby squirming around

Food Cravings? 
pickles pickles pickles... still LOL also pancakes, apples, nectarines

What I miss?
nothing really

What I am looking forward to?
my belly looking more 'pregnant' LOL I still feel kinda self conscious about it
Best moment of the week? 
feeling well enough to get out of the house after work to go hang out with my girlfriends on Monday night!!! woohoo!

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